UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson9 英語版

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格

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Lesson 9 – Excel & Data Tables


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In order to loop through all the rows of a data table, which activity should be used?

  • For Each
  • Do While
  • While
  • For Each Row

What should you use if you want to get the value of a specific cell from a row in a datatable?

  • Output Data Table
  • Get Data Row
  • Lookup data table
  • Add Data Row

What happens if the AddHeaders option is checked for Read Range Activity?

  • The first row from the specified range is considered to be the column names
  • Nothing happens
  • An exception is thrown
  • A new row is added to the excel sheet

What happens if you try to use a Write Range activity to a .xlsx file that does not exist?

  • It will continue the execution without writing the data.
  • It will throw an error.
  • It will create that file for you and write the data in it.

What activity should you use if you want to add data to an existing .xlsx document without overwrite existing data?

  • Workbook Write Range
  • Excel Write Cell
  • Workbook Append Range
  • Excel Append Range

How do you specify the Excel file to read from, in a Read Cell activity? (Select all that apply.)

  • In the WorkbookPath property, provide a relative path, if the workbook is in the project’s folder
  • In the WorkbookPath property, provide the full path of the workbook,
  • You have to open manually the workbook

If you need to sort a table from an .xlsx file, what should you use?

  • You cannot sort a table.
  • An Excel Get Table Range activity.
  • An Excel Sort data table activity.
  • A Workbook Sort Table activity.

What is the Output Data Table activity used for?

  • Saves all data from the Data Table to a string variable.
  • Printing the Data Table in the Output panel.
  • Converting data to a Data Table.
  • None of the options.

Can Excel related activities be used without having the Excel Application installed?

  • No, UiPath Studio requires MS Office package
  • Yes and it works for every Excel file
  • Yes, but only for xls files
  • Yes, but only for xlsx files

What happens if you use the Excel Read Range activity to read a .xlsx file that is already opened?

  • It will read an empty document.
  • It will throw an error.
  • It will read the document successfully.

You have an Excel table with two columns named “PersonName" and “Age". What happens if you use the activity Insert Column with the Column Name property set to “Age"?

  • A new column with the name “Age" is added at the beginning of the table
  • The Column “Age" is overwritten.
  • An exception is thrown

What activity can be used to read an entire sheet from a excel file?

  • Get Table Range
  • Read Cell
  • Read Range
  • Write CSV

What activity can you use to create a DataTable from an input string?

  • Output Data Table
  • Generate Data Table
  • Build Data Table

What happens if you use the Write Range activity with the Range property set to “” to write a datatable to an excel file that already contains data?

  • It will throw an error.
  • It will overwrite the existing data.
  • It will append the new data to the existing data.

What is the best approach to filter data from a data table based on a condition?

  • Using Format Value activity
  • Using the 'Clone’ method
  • Using the 'Select’ method
  • Using Clear Data Table activity

You need to read from an Excel sheet and you don’t know the range. What do you write in the “Range” property of the Read Range Activity?

  • Write some random range
  • It’s impossible, you have to specify the range
  • Write an empty string
  • Write just the end cell

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