UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson8 英語版

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格

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Lesson 8 – Advanced Citrix Automation

UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson 7 英語版

What can be done when the Windows Remote Connection doesn’t allow sending hotkeys?

  • There’s nothing that can be done.
  • It should work if the Windows Remote Connection is in ‘full-screen’ mode.
  • Send hotkeys after performing a click on the remote desktop window.

How can we make sure that an app is in a certain state in a Citrix environment?

  • By making use of the WaitForReady property.
  • By checking the UI element’s attributes.
  • By waiting for certain UI elements to appear or disappear and making decisions based on that.

What is the EASIEST navigation method to be used in a form within Citrix?

  • By using Click relative to image
  • By using Click with fixed coordinates
  • By sending keyboard commands/hotkeys

Imagine you have to use a Type Into activity in an element that loads slowly. Will it be a good idea to add some delays before executing Type Into?

  • No, this solution is not reliable because sometimes the loading time can take more than the delay time.
  • Yes, it’ll give the robot some time and when the element is loaded it can carry on typing.
  • Use On image appear and start typing only after the trigger happens.

How can you start an application within a Citrix environment?(Select all that apply.)

  • Define a shortcut key and then trigger the app with a Send Hotkey activity
  • Double clicking its icon on the desktop
  • With a Start Process activity
  • With an Open Application activity

Can a Pick Branch activity be used alone?

  • No, it can only be added inside a Pick activity body.
  • Yes, for example, inside a Then/Else section of an If activity.

How do you reset a clipping region?

  • With a Set Clipping Region activity
  • It doesn’t need to be reset
  • With a Break activity
  • With a Find Image activity

What does the Find Image activity return?

  • An UI element object.
  • A PNG image.
  • A boolean variable, whose value depends on whether the image was found or not.

Which of the following activities can be used to select an item in drop down list, in Citrix?(Select all that apply.)

  • Click Text
  • Click Image
  • Click OCR Text
  • Select Item

What happens if Find Image doesn’t actually find the desired image?

  • The output of the action will be a null object and the flow will carry on.
  • An exception is thrown.

If a Click Image activity was created with an image of an icon, and meanwhile that icon becomes highlighted, will the activity still work?

  • No, if the accuracy is too high.
  • Yes, if the clipping region avoids the background of the icon.
  • Yes, the robot will always find it.

How can the robot pass a variable argument when opening an application in Citrix (eg: a web address for a browser)?

  • Cannot be done
  • With an Open Application activity
  • Setting the argument to the shortcut on the desktop
  • In the command prompt, type in the path to the application and the argument

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