UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson 7 英語版

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格

lesson 7 学習した内容をまとめます。


Lesson 7 – Image and Text Automation


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How can you improve accuracy when scraping with OCR a region that contains only digits?

  • Use Get Text for the field in the Citrix Window
  • Make sure the background is dark
  • Use Google OCR with “Numbers Only”

Creating automations in a Citrix environment is challenging because:

  • You don’t have direct access to UI elements.
  • You need to interact with the app using Image Recognition or OCR.

By using Citrix Recorder, can you automatically record a set of actions in a virtual environment?

  • Yes
  • No

Having an app in a Citrix environment with multiple text-boxes that look the same (size/style), how can you identify one of them to type into?

  • By clicking relative to an unique text/image next to the textbox.
  • By using text-box element attributes.
  • By using partial selectors.
  • You can’t identify it if it doesn’t have something unique next to it (text/image).

What is the best way to scrape a selectable text in a Citrix environment?

  • Select the entire text and Copy
  • Use Google OCR engine
  • Use Microsoft OCR engine
  • Use “Get Full Text” activity

How can you scrape a field on a Citrix Environment when the value in that field changes each transaction?

  • It’s impossible because you cannot locate the element
  • Find a static element nearby and use Scrape Relative

Is Reset Clipping Region mandatory to be executed at the end of a scrape relative sequence?

  • Yes, because Clipping Region is a shared resource.
  • No, for the next actions we can use other Clipping Regions.

You can use image/text automation outside of a Citrix environment

  • True
  • False

Is it possible to click a button with Click Image Activity if the target is not visible on the screen?

  • No, you could click a button which is not visible only using selectors
  • Yes, but you have to click the text from the button not the button image
  • Yes, the robot can click an image even if it’s not visible on the screen

Consider having an application in Citrix Environment that has a button named ‘Accept’ and also a label that contains the Accept word. How can Click Text be customized in order to access the correct button?

  • By using the Occurrence property.
  • By checking the element’s attributes.
  • It can’t be done, having to click on a text that is duplicated can’t be controlled

What activities can be used to interact with applications in a Citrix environment?

  • Click Image
  • Click OCR Text
  • Click Text
  • Type into

Click Image and Click OCR Text are not 100% reliable in Citrix environments. What method can be used instead (when applicable) to have safer actions?

  • Using full selectors.
  • Setting the Accuracy property of the Click Image activity to 1.
  • Setting focus on a reliable element and then navigating around the app using keyboard (up/down arrows, tab, etc) or using keyboard shortcuts.

What method would be more reliable when clicking on a specific text label in an application running in a Citrix environment, given the fact that its font size might be easily changed?

  • Using the Click OCR Text activity.
  • It can’t be done if its size fluctuates.
  • Using the Click Image activity.

Can the robot perform clicks alongside key modifiers (shift, ctrl, etc) in a Citrix environment?

  • No
  • Yes

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