UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson 6 英語版

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格

lesson 6 学習した内容をまとめます。


Lesson 6 – Selectors


UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson 5 英語版

What are the supported wildcard characters for selectors in UiPath Studio?

  • &
  • $
  • *
  • ?

How can you improve the following calendar page selector to work only for dates in 2017? “<html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’UiPath – Calendar – Week of May 1, 2017′ />”

  • “<html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’UiPath – Calendar –* 201?’ /> “
  • “<html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’UiPath – Calendar – Week of ?????, 2017′ />”
  • “<html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’UiPath – Calendar – * 2017′ />”
  • “<html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’UiPath – Calendar – * />”

Can UiExplorer be used to record UI interactions?

  • No
  • Yes

Which of the following is true regarding the Anchor Base activity?

  • Use the structure of the application to find the target element.
  • Use the screen position of the anchor and the target element.
  • It works in background.

Which of the following are valid options for the “nav” tag?

  • “Prev”
  • “Next”
  • “Up”

What is the Highlight activity used for?

  • For adding activities in Studio
  • For troubleshooting and verifying selectors
  • For removing selectors

Can full selectors be used inside a container (Attach Window or Open Application activities)?

  • No
  • Yes

Can partial selectors be used inside a container (Attach Window or Open Application activities)?

  • No
  • Yes

How can you see the full list of attributes of Ui elements?

  • You cannot.
  • By using the select from screen tool in Ui Automation activities.
  • By using the UiExplorer tool.

How many characters does “*” replace?

  • Zero or more
  • More than one
  • Zero

Can you store a Selector in a variable?

  • Yes, of type Int32
  • Yes, of type UiElement
  • Yes, of type String
  • No

Can a valid selector identify different elements on the screen at the same time?

  • Yes
  • No

What is a Selector?

  • The “path” to the UI element, starting from the root, all the way to target element.
  • The unique ID of an UI element.
  • A container for UI elements.

Which of the following is a valid full selector?

  • <wnd app=’*’ />
  • <wnd app=’explorer.exe’ cls=’Shell_TrayWnd’ /> <wnd cls=’Start’ title=’Start’ />
  • <html app=’chrome.exe’ title=’Yahoo Finance’ /> <webctrl idx=’1′ parentid=’data-util-col’ tag=’TABLE’ /><webctrl isleaf=’1′ tableRow=’3′ tag=’TD’ />
  • <wnd cls=’Start’ title=’Start’ />

How long will the Robot try to find an UiElement (if it is not available) on the desktop?

  • The Robot will wait forever until it can find the element.
  • 30 seconds
  • 10 seconds
  • The value in milliseconds of the activity’s TimeoutMS property.

This is a reliable selector for a dynamic page: “webctrl idx=’144′ tag=’IMG’/"

  • True
  • False

Which of the following statements are true regarding the Find Element activity?(Select all that apply.)

  • It return a boolean(True or False) specifying if the element was found on screen
  • It returns the found element in a variable for later use
  • It throws an exception if it doesn’t find the element on screen

What is UiExplorer used for? (Select all that apply.)

  • To explore the UI tree
  • UiExplorer is not a component of UiPath
  • To explore the workflow tree
  • To create and fine tune selectors

What can we use to build reliable automations when the selectors might not be very stable?

  • Partial selectors
  • Relative selectors
  • Anchor Base activity

Can variables be used to build dynamic selectors?

  • Yes
  • No

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