UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson 4 英語版

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格

lesson 4 学習した内容をまとめます。


Lesson 4 – Recording

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How can you delay the Automatic Recording?

  • By hitting the F2 key
  • By clicking in the right corner of the screen
  • By hitting the Escape key
  • By right clicking

Can you combine automatic recording with step-by-step recording in the same recording sequence?

  • No
  • Yes

Which container will Basic Recording generate?

  • No container
  • Attach Window
  • Excel Application Scope
  • Attach Browser

Which container will Web Recording generate?

  • Attach Browser
  • Excel Application Scope
  • No container
  • Attach Window

How do you add activities to a workflow?(Select all that apply.)

  • From the Activities Panel by dragging and dropping
  • From the Step by Step Recording Action pane
  • Using Automatic Recorder

How can you record the start of a Web application?

  • Use the open Application activity
  • Hit Record – Web – Open Browser – select browser
  • Hit Record – Basic – Start App – select browser

Which of the following statements regarding the Automatic Recorder are true:(Select all that apply.)

  • Can generate Type Into activities
  • Can generate Click activities
  • Creates a skeleton for UI automation
  • Can recognize different types of UI controls

Which recording wizard would you use to automate Virtual Machine actions?

  • Web Recording
  • Basic Recording
  • Desktop Recording
  • Citrix Recording

Which recording wizard would you use to automate UI interactions in an application where elements can not be selected individually?

  • Citrix Recording
  • Web Recording
  • Desktop Recording
  • Basic Recording

How do you stop the recording?

  • F12
  • Escape
  • F4 and Delete
  • Escape and Double click

Which actions can you record using Automatic Recording?

  • Click
  • Type Into
  • Copy text
  • Screen Scraping

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