UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson 3 英語版

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格

lesson 3 学習した内容をまとめます。


Lesson 3 – Data Manipulation


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The String.Format(“Input = {0} and Output = {1}”, “1”,”2”) expression returns which of the following text:

  • Input = {0} and Output = {1}
  • Input = 1 and Output = 1
  • Input = 1 and Output = 2
  • Input = 0 and Output = 0

How can a string variable called myString be converted to an all-capitals representation for future use?

  • By using an Invoke Method activity with the TargetType property set to String, the TargetObject property set to myString and the MethodName property to ToUpper.
  • By using an Assign activity with myString on the left side and myString.ToUpper on the right side.
  • By using a Write Line with the Text property set to myString.ToUpper.
  • By using an Invoke Method activity with the TargetType property set to null, the TargetObject property set to myString and the MethodName property to ToUpper.

Which activity can be used to loop through each row from a DataTable?

  • If
  • For Each Row
  • Build DataTable
  • Flow Decision

What key combination allows you to automatically create a variable from an activity’s property field?

  • Ctrl + P
  • Ctrl + N
  • Ctrl + K
  • Ctrl + A

Which activity can be used to modify the value of an existing cell in a DataTable?

  • Add Data Column activity
  • Add Data Row activity
  • Assign activity
  • Modify Cell activity

Which of the following data types are included in the Collections category?

  • Int32
  • Dictionary
  • List
  • Array

How can we test if a given address (a string variable called fullAddress) can be found on a particular street (a string variable called streetName)?

  • fullAddress.Contains(streetName)
  • streetName.Contains(fullAddress)
  • streetName.Has(fullAddresss)
  • fullAddress.Has(streetName)

Which activities can be used to iterate through an Array?

  • Flow Decision
  • While
  • For Each Row
  • For Each

How can the index integer variable be displayed inside a Message Box activity?

  • “Current index is: + index.ToString”
  • “Current index is: $index”
  • “Current index is: “ + index
  • “Current index is: “ + index.ToString

If the dtNewHires datatable has 4 columns, in this order : [ID, Name, Age, Sex] and 2 rows: [1, Daniel, 38, M] ; [2, Andra, 24, F], what is the result of the expression dtNewHires.Rows(0)(1)?

  • Andra
  • 2
  • Daniel
  • 1

Which of the following statements are true regarding Lists and Arrays?

  • List items can be added using an Add to Collection activity.
  • You can iterate through a List using a For Each loop activity.
  • You can add maximum 100 elements to an array.
  • Array and List elements can be accessed by index.

How can you identify a column in a data table?(Select all that apply.)

  • Using the column index
  • Using the row name
  • Using the column name
  • Using the row index

Which variable types can be used as output for the Read CSV activity?

  • List variables
  • DataTable variables
  • Array variables
  • String variables

Which activity can you use to get the value from a certain cell, from a specific data table row?

  • Write Cell
  • Get Row Item
  • Read Cell
  • Remove Data Row

Which .Net method of the datatable object can be used to filter a table by a condition?

  • Filter
  • ToString
  • Select
  • Clone

Which variable type can you use to efficiently store the current time inside your workflows?

  • String
  • Array<String>
  • Integer
  • DateTime

If currentRow represents a row from a DataTable with two columns in this order: Name and Age, which expressions can be used to obtain the value from the column Age?(Select all that apply.)

  • currentRow(“Age")
  • currentRow.Age
  • currentRow(2)
  • currentRow(1)

Which of the following statements are true regarding the Output DataTable activity?

  • Writes a DataTable to an Excel file
  • Writes a DataTable to a csv file
  • Returns the data contained in a DataTable as a string in a csv format
  • Returns a DataTable object

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