UiPath アカデミー 問題 解答 lesson 1 英語版

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格

UiPath Advanced ディベロッパー資格取るため、英語版のLevel 1 – Foundation Trainingを受講しました。
認定資格は、現在「英語のみ」とありますので、英語版のLevel 1 – Foundation Trainingを受講して、専門語を覚えないと、試験は大変です。



Lesson 1 – Introduction to UiPath

What are the uses of web scraping in UiPath?

  • Extracting all the information from a webpage.
  • Extracting lists or other structured data from a webpage.
  • Extracting the content of a table from a webpage.

Is it possible to create other activities than the existing ones in UiPath Studio?

  • Yes, you can create a Custom Activity.
  • No, you are restricted to the existing activities.

Scheduling a process is done from

  • UiPath Robot.
  • UiPath Studio.
  • Orchestrator Server.

Can you send an email from UiPath, automatically?

  • No
  • Yes

How can you Publish a process to the Orchestrator server?

  • Directly from UiPath Studio, with the Publish functionality.
  • Send an email to the administrator with the process files.
  • Manually upload each file to Orchestrator Server.

What is a reusable component?

  • The artifact of a Publish operation.
  • A functionality of the Orchestrator server.
  • A workflow that implements a very common action repeated throughout all your automations.

What is the output of a recording session?

  • A sequence with an activity for each recorded step.
  • A new robot.
  • A process.

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