Final Test

2020-09-15Level 1 – Foundation Training,資格


二週間ぐらいUipathアカデミーで勉強して、 英語版『RPA Developer Foundation Diploma』 の最後テスト合格しました。


Which activity can you use if you want to loop through a collection of items?

  • Assign activity
  • Flow Decision activity
  • For Each activity
  • If activity

What type of content can you store inside a Generic type variable?

  • True/False
  • Dates
  • Numbers
  • Text

What is TimeoutMS property used for?

  • To make sure that the workflow continues even if the activity fails
  • To define the amount of time during which the target of an activity must be found
  • To define the amount of time in which the robot will execute the activity

What activity can you use to get a column value from a specific row of a DataTable?

  • Remove Data Row
  • Get Row Item
  • Read Cell

How can we make sure that an app is in a certain state in a Citrix environment?

  • By waiting for certain UI elements to appear or disappear and making decisions based on that.
  • By making use of the WaitForReady property.
  • By checking the UI element’s attributes.

What happens if you send “123[k(enter)]" by using Type Into activity with the SimulateType property selected?

  • It will type “123" without pressing the Enter key.
  • It will type “123[k(enter)]".
  • It will type “123” and then press the Enter key.

Which activities can be used to interact with the user?

  • MessageBox
  • WriteLine
  • InputDialog

How can UiPath identify an UI element on the screen?

  • By using a partial selector inside a container
  • By using a reference of it, previously saved in a variable
  • By using a full selector

How can you install and update activity packs?

  • In Package Pane
  • Using TFS
  • Using Manage Packages within Activities Pane

What recording wizard would you use to generate partial selectors?

  • Basic Recording
  • Desktop Recording
  • Citrix Recording
  • Web Recording

What is UiExplorer used for?

  • UiExplorer is not part of UiPath
  • To explore the workflow tree
  • To view logs
  • To create stable selectors

How can a string variable called myString be converted to an all-capitals representation for future use?

  • By using an Invoke Method activity with the TargetType property set to String, the TargetObject property set to myString and the MethodName property to ToUpper.
  • By using a Write Line with the Text property set to myString.ToUpper.
  • By using an Assign activity with myString on the left side and myString.ToUpper on the right side.

When should you use the Flowchart workflow?

  • When having a process with many decision blocks
  • When having multiple activities executed in a fixed order
  • When modelling a process that has loops to previous states

How can you trigger another workflow from within your current one?

  • By using the Invoke Method activity.
  • You cannot trigger another workflow.
  • By using the Open Application activity.
  • By using the Invoke Workflow File activity.

As a best practice, how should workflows use a local desktop application?

  • By checking if the corresponding process is running and if not, opening the application
  • by using the Open Application activity.By closing the application once it’s no longer needed.
  • By opening the application using the Click Image activity on the application’s desktop shortcut.
  • By using selectors to interact with the application.

The Read PDF with OCR activity will throw an error if the following is not specified:

  • The FileName property.
  • The OCR Engine that is to be used.
  • The Text property.
  • The Password property.

Is it possible to make an image automation if you are not in a Citrix environment?

  • No, image automation is only for remote automation
  • Yes, but should be used as last resort

When is it recommended to use containers?

  • When the Basic Recorder profile is used
  • When performing one action per window
  • When performing multiple operations in the same window

What happens if the AddHeaders option is checked in the Read Range Activity?

  • The headers are added to the excel sheet
  • An exception is thrown
  • The first row from the specified range is considered to be the column names

How should you organize your workflow?

  • Never break the automation into smaller pieces
  • Ignore exceptions
  • Use Flowchart or State Machine for a high level organization

What activities can be used to interact with applications in a Citrix environment?

  • Click ImageClick
  • TextClick OCR
  • TextType Into

How does UiPath recognize elements on screen?

  • Using the position of the UI elements
  • Using attributes of the UI elements and their parents
  • Using screen coordinates

Which of the following text scraping methods preserve the text position?

  • OCR
  • FullText
  • Native

By using the Full Text scraping method, the robot is able to:

  • Get font information (size, colour).
  • Get editable text
  • Get the entire visible text
  • Get hidden information

What is a wildcard used for?

  • To replace variable values in selector attributes
  • To select items in a list
  • To get text from screen

What are the supported wildcard characters for selectors in UiPath Studio?

  • ?
  • $
  • *
  • &

What kind of workflow should you create to define business rules?

  • Sequence
  • State machine
  • Flowchart

What is an argument?

  • A variable type
  • A variable
  • An input/output parameter of the workflow

Given two Generic variables, A with value “123” and B with value 456, what would the Write Line output of A + B be?

  • An exception will be thrown.
  • 579
  • 123 + 456
  • 123456

How can you find all anchor elements in a web page?

  • Using the Find element activity
  • Using the Find Relative Element activity
  • Using the Find Children activity

What activity should you use if you want to add data to an existing .xlsx document?

  • Workbook Append Range
  • Excel Append Range
  • Workbook Write Range
  • Excel Write Cell

Which activity should you use to Click on a specified text in a Citrix Environment?

  • Click Text
  • Click OCR Text
  • Hover Text

Can you insert a Flowchart activity in a Sequence activity?

  • No
  • Yes

Which of the following is a valid full selector?

The most important advantages of the FullText method are:

  • It’s accurate.
  • It works in the background.
  • It’s fast.
  • It works in Citrix environments.

What is the Attach Window activity used for?

  • To specify the browser container you will be working with
  • Specifies that you are working with a java window
  • To specify the top-level window container you will be working with

What happens if you put a Breakpoint on a Click activity and start the workflow in Debug mode?

  • The workflow will be paused for 5 seconds when it reaches that activity.
  • The workflow will throw an error when it reaches that activity.
  • The workflow will be paused until you click the Continue button.
  • You can only put a Breakpoint on a Break activity.

What should you use to scrape tables from a web page?

  • Data Scraping
  • Get OCR text
  • Get Text

Can you hover the mouse over a specific UI Element?

  • Yes, by using Hover OCR Text activity.
  • Yes, by using Hover Image activity.
  • No, there is no activity for this.
  • Yes, by using Hover Text activity.

The Save Attachments activity can save all the attachments of an email to:

  • A relative path.
  • An absolute path.
  • In a variable, as a collection of attachment objects.

Where can you find the value written by the Write Line activity?

  • At console
  • In the Output pane
  • In a variable

How do you exit the selection mode?

  • ESC
  • F3
  • F2
  • Right click

Getting the content of a PDF document is possible:

  • By opening the PDF and using screen scraping to get its data.
  • By using the Read PDF Text activity and providing the PDF file’s path.
  • This cannot be done by a UiPath robot.

What should you use to click in a hidden IE browser?

  • Click text
  • SimulateClick
  • Cursor Position : Center
  • Default click activity

Which recording profile generates full selectors?

  • Step by step recording
  • Desktop recording
  • Basic recording