How to read excel with multiple sheets

2020-09-15Excel Sample,Practice Sample

In the case of the actual RPA Robot created by uipath, it may be get the value of the specified cell in EXCEL with multiple sheets . This time I will explain how to get the value.


There is an Excel file with multiple sheets as shown below. There is a request to get the March quantity of each sheet.

Uipath Implementation

Open Excel file and get each sheet name

1.0 Add “Excel Application Scope" activity and set the path of the target Excel file.

2.0 Add “Get Workbook Sheets" activity in “Do",and enter the output variable for save the sheet name of excel in the property panel on the right.

Repeat the sheet names and get the value of the target cell

1.0 Add “For Each” activity and enter “sheetName” in ①. Input the variable “ArraySheets” which is created before activity in ②.

2.0 Use “Read Cell" activity, enter the variable “sheetName" in ③, and enter the cell which you want to get the value in ④.

3.0 For confirmation, use “Log Message" to output the result.


Check the results in the output panel. We get the value of cell.